Wine Barrels – Whole
$30 each
Size: 86cm H x 72cm W
Qty: 6 Polished
Qty: 2 Highly Polished
Wine Barrels are perfect for that DIY cocktail or casual event. Use them for a Bar Table, Cake Table, I Miss you table or wherever you need. Why not add some of our bar stools or our Polished Thick Jarrah Slab Top and make them into a Barrel Bar.

Wine Barrels – Half
$25 each
Size: 43cm H x 72cm W
Qty: 2
Half wine barrels are just what you need to store your drinks. Add some ice to keep them icy cold in our liners, and you are set for a great time. Turn them upside down and use as a coffee table.

Barrel Bar – Polished Thick Jarrah Slab Top
Size: 2.1m x 50cm
Qty: 1
This is a beautifully handcrafted & polished thick Jarrah Slab Top. Includes 2 highly polished wine barrels. Use this for your Bar, Gift Table or Lolly Buffet it’s up to you!

Table Bar
Size: 1.8m x 77cm
Qty: 3
Incudes 2 Barrels & Jarrah Top. Perfect for Drinks, Dessert table, Lolly Buffet or so many other ideas!

Bar Stools – Tolix
$5.00 each
Size: 65cm
Qty: 12 Black, 12 Silver, 18 White
Add some seating for you and your guests at your special events. Teamed up with our Wine Barrels these are perfect for your cocktail function or anywhere you need.

Market Umbrella – Cream & Stand
Size: 3m
Qty: 4
Concrete Bases, secured into grassed areas to add a ‘lil shade to your occasion.

Pallet Couches
Size: 1.2m L x 79cm W x 78cm H
Qty: 6
Comfy seating for any occasion. Includes seat and back cushions.

Pallet Coffee Table
Size: 92cm L x 66cm W x 30cm H
Qty: 1
Teamed with our Pallet couches, you’ll need somewhere to put down your

Jarrah Trestle Table – Polished
Size: 1.8m x 77cm
Qty: 12
Use with trestle legs as stand alone table. Join together for long tables. Or even use just the top with barrels to make a great Bar table.

Jarrah Trestle Table – Polished                    NOT AVAILABLE
Size: 2.1m x 77cm
Qty: 1
Use for a Lolly Buffet, Gift Table, Bar Table. The choice is yours.